A list of all the other things iCloud syncs

David Chartier:

Apple tells you a number of things that iCloud syncs between devices in Settings (or System Preferences) > iCloud, such as Photos, Contacts, and Reminders. But I’ve noticed a number of other OS-level things that sync between my devices (presumably through iCloud), but Apple doesn’t seem to keep a central, comprehensive list. Let’s make one.

For brevity’s sake, you can replace Settings (iOS) with System Preferences (Mac) in most cases. Let me know if I should add any:

Text shortcuts in Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement

Signatures in Preview for Mac, under Tools > Signatures (iOS doesn’t have Preview yet, but they appear in Mail if you tap a PDF, then the toolbox at the top. A reply is created and PDF tools appear. Check the bar at the bottom for your signatures)



Wifi connections / Settings, if iCloud Keychain is enabled (thanks John Morrison)

Favorites you mark in Maps with the share sheet (a great way to keep track of businesses, the day’s errands, or vacation spots without junking up Contacts)

Searches in Maps

Learned Dictionary words. I think

iTunes wishlist

Playback positions in Apple’s Podcasts app

Blocked numbers between Messages on all devices and Phone.app (thanks Seth Clifford)

Call history between iPhones, or on iPad and Mac in FaceTime > Audio (thanks @Ezenwa)

Safari tabs

Safari history (multiple commenters and Twitter folks have mentioned this one, but it doesn’t work for me. Yay iCloud?)

Reading position in iBooks (thanks Arthur)

VIP lists in Mail (used for priority notifications from threads and people who you just can’t miss)

Signatures in Mail (multiple mentions of this, but it doesn’t work for me. Yay iCloud)

Favorites in Apple’s Trailers app (honorable mention, since it’s Apple but not installed by default – thanks Joshua)

HomeKit settings and devices (thanks Joshua)