Evan Killham on how Apple would be stupid to drop the iPhone headphone jack

Evan Killham writing for Cult of Mac:

For everyone else, however, this shift means either splitting production between 3.5mm models and Lightning ones, including swappable cords with everything they ship, or, most likely, all-new lines of analog-to-digital converters to let customers use whichever ‘phones they like.

Meanwhile, Apple can sit back and talk up how a thinner iPhone and slightly better audio quality is worth sacrificing one of the few global standards remaining. But none of that will matter when people want to listen to music while charging their phone and can’t without busting out some Bluetooth headphones.

We expect that if this rumor proves to be true, Apple will end up alienating customers and manufacturers alike, and it won’t be a transitory thing like the charging cable change-up. Dropping the iPhone headphone jack would represent a serious drop in functionality in favor of claiming even more control over what people can and can’t plug into their phones.

Obviously, we should wait and see if it actually happens before we head up to Castle Apple with the pitchforks and torches, but the company can expect a whole lot of fallout if it goes through with this plan.

Stupid? Really? This has traces of when Apple dropped the floppy drive in the iMac or the optical drive in the original MacBook Air. Moving the hardware technology on is what is in the DNA of Apple. Removing the headphone socket has multiple benefits including making the iPhone one step more less suceptable to water damage. All new iPhones would come with lightning-connected headphones and you’ve got to think their headphone quality can only get better since they have acquired Beats so there won’t be the alienating effect Evan suggests there might be with the majority of people having to purchase new headphones to all but serious audiophiles. The majority of people will use their headphones whilst out or commuting rather than at home or work whilst their iPhone is charging. I think Evan is picking here and has obviously forgotten how Apple moves technology forward.