AirPods + Apple Watch

Michael Simon for Macworld:

Apple doesn’t sell any accessories for Apple Watch other than bands and chargers, but AirPods are the closest thing. Small, light, and fully wireless, they’re the perfect companion to Apple Watch, and I suspect an LTE watch would kick off a new marketing campaign selling the two as a pair.

What’s most interesting about that scenario is that an iPhone isn’t even necessary. With an LTE watch and Siri-powered Bluetooth earbuds, you could stream Apple Music, make phones calls, send messages, and get news and scores without needing a phone. And that could open up Apple Watch to Android users, too. After all, the iPod didn’t really take off until Apple let Windows users get in on the fun, and I can tell you from experience that the Android Wear options leave much to be desired. With an on-watch App Store, all Apple would really need is a Watch app in the Play Store.

But even without Android support, the Series 3 Apple Watch is shaping up to be a monumental release. LTE opens up Apple’s wearable to a new world of possibilities, and it could shift the balance between it and the iPhone. We wouldn’t even have to worry about remembering to bring our phone everywhere we go as long as we had an Apple Watch strapped to our wrist.

I can certainly see a near future where AirPods + Apple Watch are the perfect mobile setup. You still have an iPhone, but it’s no longer essential that it needs to be with you all the time.