Dramatically Improve Your Phone Call Audio With FaceTime

Dramatically Improve Your Phone Call Audio With FaceTime [iOS Tips]

Rob LeFebvre:

It’s amazing how many of us just haven’t tried FaceTime audio, even though it was a big selling point of iOS 7 when Apple announced it back before the release of the latest iOS software.

There are two ways to use FaceTime Audio. The first way is to tap into a Contact on your iPhone, either in the Contacts app itself, or in the Phone app. For example, launch the Phone app and tap on the Recents tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap the little information icon to the right of any of the Contacts there you want to chat with. About halfway down the Contact screen, you’ll see the FaceTime section, and you’ll have the option to tap either the video or audio icon. Tap the little phone icon and an audio-only call will start, via FaceTime.

A nice reminder for us to get into the habit of using the iPhone to make not just free calls but better audio quality calls. Making VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls will be the standard for all of us soon.

Why Your Next iPhone Won’t Need a Cas

Why Your Next iPhone Won’t Need a Case

Mike Elgan:

With its sapphire laminate technology, Apple could bond sapphire to glass on the front and metal on the back, creating an elegant, scratch-proof, thin, light and reasonably-priced iPhone 6.

This arrangement would enable you to carry your iphone in the same pocket as your keys and coins for a year, and it wouldn’t get a scratch.

It’s also likely that the sapphire or glass on such a phone wouldn’t shatter even if you dropped it on pavement. First, sapphire is three times stronger than Gorilla Glass. But more importantly, glass shatters when you drop it because it has scratches. Sapphire doesn’t scratch, so it’s also unlikely to shatter on impact.

An iPhone 6 that didn’t get scratched on the front or the back and that didn’t break when you dropped it on the street wouldn’t need a case.

I believe this is the main reason Apple is pushing for sapphire: to kill the case.

Apple is all about design, especially when it comes to the iPhone – even the top executives tend not to use cases. I agree that Apple doesn’t really want their customers to cover their iPhones with cases but due to the susceptibility of scratches appearing on the devices, Apple felt that they should get into the case business rather than miss out on the lucrative case market until they can solve the problem of scratching and with this new Sapphire technology, it certainly seems a case free iPhone future is realistically possible. I personally don’t like to use a case either which is another reason why the iPhone 5c is a better choice for people who don’t want to use a case but don’t want scratches either.

Excel: The Last Microsoft Office Stronghold

Excel: The Last Microsoft Office Stronghold

MG Siegler:

To be clear, I know that a lot of people have to use it in their work environment. But that’s more because their office buys it for them and forces them to. It’s a strong method of lock-in that is seemingly still going strong after all these years.

The reality is that there are now more than enough solid-to-better alternatives for much of what Office offers. And some, like Google Docs and now even the Apple iWork suite, are free.1 And so it seems to me that increasingly, Office persists more out of habit (“I don’t know how to do this without Office”) and misguided fear (“what if I need Office for some reason?”) than necessity.

I’m all for abandoning Excel. It’s expensive and it’s like we have all been locked in to using it after all these years but now that we are migrating to cloud based storage and services, Google’s Drive/Docs which is free and Apple’s Numbers seem the better alternatives. Although I use Google for my simple spreadsheets, I still need Excel for the couple of spreadsheets that I have where the data is linked between each spreadsheet. Numbers doesn’t offer this facility and although Google does, it’s limited for some bizarre reason. For the power users which need features like that, Excel is still the king.

Apple iOS 7.1 close to final release

Apple iOS 7.1 close to final release


Apple dramatically overhauled iOS in iOS 7 and with 7.1 a lot of problems like slowness, app crashes and even phone restarts are fixed. Additionally, the operating system feels much more cohesive and thought out, with Apple bringing in some of the flatness in areas, and continuing it through in others. Apple has released five beta versions of iOS 7.1 so far.

Sounds like the much needed software update for iOS 7 will be released shortly, that will hopefully make the software perform much more stable by eradicating the freezing and crashing that has been happening to our iPhones and iPads. Apple prides itself on the design and stability of their software, but when Jonny Ive hastily re-designed the operating system last year, it’s not surprising that they ran out of time to get it released.

I’d wager that when iOS 8 gets released later this year, it won’t suffer from the same problems, as Ive and his team would have had plenty of time to perfect the operating system for release on this occasion.