How to save podcasts Apple Watch playback

How to save podcasts from Overcast to MiniCast for Apple Watch playback – The Sweet Setup:

It works with apps like Overcast to be able to share certain podcast episodes straight to your watch for offline playback away from your iPhone.

Until Apple officially supports integration for podcast playback, this appears to be the best way to get podcasts on the Apple Watch.

Apple releases its most expensive computer – starting at £4,899

Samuel Gibbs for The Guardian:

Whether the iMac Pro is bought by the people who actually make movies, or just the people who want to think they make movies and must have the newest machine going, remains to be seen. It is certainly a very powerful computer, but like a consumer-grade machine it is not upgradable. Apple said it would deliver the iMac Pro in December, and it has by a whisker.

The iMac Pro is configurable not upgradeable – The new Mac Pro coming next year will be the upgradeable Mac – it always has been. Customers who wish to regularly upgrade their components over time would suit Mac Pro customers. This new iMac Pro is the most powerful Mac you can get right now and suits professional video/audio and gamers who will enjoy the processing power.