Multiple Attachments App Lets You Attach Multiple Files To Email Messages On iOS

Multiple Attachments App Lets You Attach Multiple Files To Email Messages On iOS


Multiple Attachments is clever in that it works with the Open In menu itself and Apple’s Mail app. Every time you need to send a message with multiple files in it, you can send one file at a time to Multiple Attachments using “Open In”; as you keep sending files to the app, it’ll show you their icons and names on its main screen. When you are ready to send a message with those files, hit the Share button and Multiple Attachments will bring up a Mail panel, composing a new message with the files you’ve sent to the app. Then, you only need to confirm the email account you want to send from, and you’re done.

Essentially, Multiple Attachments works as a container of temporary files based on two of Apple’s inter-app communication features – Open In and Mail sharing. The app stores files until you send them (or delete them with the Trash button), and it’s clever in how it combines temporary storage with the ability to send emails outside the main Mail app. Attachments can be previewed individually, and, in my tests, the app performed as advertised, collecting files sent via Open In and sending them as a message with multiple attachments using accounts configured in Mail. It’s a rudimentary solution, but it works.

Someday, it’s likely that Apple will revamp how iOS apps communicate with each other and offer a way to collect multiple files in an email message at once. Until that day, Multiple Attachments provides a simple way to send an email message with multiple files on an iPhone and iPad – it’s a small victory, especially if you work on iOS a lot every day.

Nice app for us iOS power users and as Federico says, Apple are likely to build this functionality into iOS in the future, so for now this is a nice work-around.

You can download it for free here.

iTunes Content May Actually Cost Less After U.K. Tax Change

iTunes Content May Actually Cost Less After U.K. Tax Change

Instead, Apple is serving its digital content to U.K. customers from Ireland, where the VAT rate is 23%.

The Cupertino company confirms this in the “Payment & VAT” help section on its website, which reads: “The VAT rate for Apple customers who purchase Electronic Software Downloads or other Apple products which are classified as services under EU VAT law will be 23% Irish VAT.”

“This is because the place of supply of these products under EU VAT law is Ireland as the country from where Apple Distribution International makes these supplies.”

With that being the case, customers in the U.K. will actually pay less VAT under the new rules, meaning iTunes and App Store prices should fall a little.

In reality, Apple is likely to leave them as they are and pocket the difference — but at least prices won’t be going up like you may have been led to believe.

Potentially good news! Nothing can happen until 2015 anyway but it does sound like the early reports may have jumped the gun.

New tax law could see UK iTunes customers paying up to 20% more next year

New tax law could see UK iTunes customers paying up to 20% more next year

Members of the UK government are seeking to close a tax loophole that currently allows online music, app, and book downloads to avoid the country’s 20% “value added tax” in favor of much lower international tax rates, reports The Guardian. If the push is successful, iTunes customers in the UK will instead be taxed at the appropriate rate for their own country.

However, the new law won’t go into effect until January 1, 2015, so there’s still time for things to change. Supporters of the change say that it will lead to more fair competition among foreign and domestic companies, since UK-based companies are currently at a major disadvantage due to the higher tax rate.

Let’s hope for UK customers sake, that the loophole is not closed.

The BBC on why there’s no iPlayer for Apple TV

The BBC on why there’s no iPlayer for Apple TV

British Apple TV owners have been longing for the BBC iPlayer on our favorite black box pretty much forever, but now we might finally know why it hasn’t happened. BBC’s Chris Yanda has outlined why they went Chromecast, and not Apple TV.

One of the reasons we decided to support Chromecast was that Apple TV currently works only with Apple devices. Chromecast has SDKs available for a number of different platforms including iOS, Android, and the Chrome browser for laptop and desktop computers.

iPhone and iPad owners can get a proper iPlayer experience on their TV using Chromecast. It works really well, but I have to confess to being massively disappointed, still, that it isn’t on the Apple TV. From what Yanda says, it doesn’t look like we can expect to see it any time soon.

It’s still not a particularly great reason, either. The Chromecast is a totally different product to the Apple TV. It requires a mobile device or the Chrome browser to operate – even if it takes the streams directly from the content provider, not from your phone. Apple TV just sits there under your TV, whether you have any other Apple product or not. Chromecast however does mean the BBC just had to add to its existing iOS and Android iPlayer apps to enable the functionality. Apple TV would require a dedicated channel.

Review: Shine App (CV & Resume)


Shine is fantastic CV/resume creation app which can make your CV/resume look polished, professional and perfect. You don’t have to worry about designing the look – the app has amazing templates to care of that, you just need to enter your information and the app takes care of the rest.

When you are hunting for a new career direction or just managing your own personal files, your CV/resume is probably sitting on your computer somewhere as a Microsoft Word document and maybe has not been updated in a while. If you are not particularly confident on a computer, perhaps your CV/resume is pretty basic to look at as well with just your recent work history, interests and references.

Shine changes all this. The way the app works is that you enter all the information that the app requires, then the app will take that information and apply it to a several different templates to choose from. You can even use a different template each time you want to print or share your document – without editing any of your text that you previously keyed in.


The notes state:

Email and print high resolution print-ready PDFs and images right from your iPad.

– Create beautiful info graphic CVs or resumes. No design experience required
– Pick from professionally designed layouts and enter your own information
– Change your chosen design and preview your CV or resume at any time
– Easily update your information and tailer for different jobs
– Email, share and print high resolution copies from your iPad
– High Resolution PDFs are fully text searchable

It’s one of those apps that will stay on my iPad tucked away in a folder with my CV/Resume all ready to be shared if needed and best of all it will look miles better than the version knocked up in Microsoft Word..


The app is $4.99 and you can download it here.

Apple retires iPad 2 and replaces with 4th-gen iPad

Apple retires iPad 2 and replaces with 4th-gen iPad


The change comes after the iPad 2 served for some two years as Apple’s entry-level tablet offering after the company introduced the Retina display-packing third-generation tablet and follow-up fourth-generation device.

Interestingly, the reintroduction of the fourth-gen iPad makes the first-generation iPad mini Apple’s only non-Retina iOS device in circulation.

Apple has priced the fourth-gen iPad at $399 for Wi-Fi only and $529 for Wi-Fi + Cellular. Both models are available in the usual black and white color schemes.

Apple’s New 8GB iPhone 5c Is Available To Order Now

Apple’s New 8GB iPhone 5c Is Available To Order Now

Cult of Mac:

Just as expected, Apple has today added a cheaper 8GB model to its iPhone 5c lineup. The handset is available to order now from a number of European carriers, and via the U.K. Apple Online Store, where it can be purchased for £429 ($714) off-contract.

O2 U.K. was one of the first to add the new iPhone 5c to its online store, and its cheapest deal will see customers paying £50 ($83) up-front for a £28 ($47) contract over two years. If you want the handset for free, you’ll be paying £43 ($72) per month.

As others have commented on, 8GB is really not adviseable even with cloud-based services like iCloud, Dropbox, Goggle etc. The recent 7.1 update needed 1.9GB of free space just to run – let alone those iPhone owners who have 5GB of photos and videos stored in the camera roll.

Apple should be making the minimum storage space on all their devices at least 32GB, not going backwards. The possible solutions for why Apple are doing this is either because they selling the inventory off due to the reported iPhone 5C not selling as well as expected so you drop the costs of the handset by reducing the cost of the parts by lowering the storage or they simply are just wanting to target the first time iPhone buyers even more by lowering the cost a little more.

Review: Brushstroke App


Brushstroke is a fantastic app that the iPhone and iPad has been waiting for. Essentially, you take any photo that is in your camera roll and with just a few taps, you can apply different filters over them to create a brushstroke type effect which makes your photos look like they were painted.

Once you have applied a filter, you can share the photo to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc or save back into your camera roll to add to your own collection.


The best feature is that the developers have teamed up with Canvaspop so that you can have the photo professionally printed onto canvas and shipped to your door. You can pick the frame and size that you wish, to ensure that whatever photo you choose it will look like a professional artist has painstakingly crafted the picture just for you to adorn in your home.

The app itself has a minimalist design with easy to navigate buttons that help you through the process. You can in theory, access the app, select a photo and within half a dozen taps, you are done – magical stuff.

It’s so simple to use and is a perfect advert for a use case for the iPhone and iPad. The app is £1.99 and you can download it here.

In-app purchases and crappy game clones have ‘soured’ Apple’s App Store

In-app purchases and crappy game clones have ‘soured’ Apple’s App Store

Jacob Siegal:

Once a fertile breeding ground for original content, the App Store has been reduced to a heap of free-to-play games and clones. Anyone who attempts to stray from the beaten path is typical met with little to no fanfare, hidden in the depths of the store while “endless runners, match-three puzzlers, lightweight city builders and strategy games” steal the spotlight. It has restricted creativity to the point where even reluctant developers are forced to retool their business models to stay competitive.

Agreed. There doesn’t seem much point to having a ‘Paid’ and ‘Free’ sections of the App Store now because of the in-app purchases that any app developer can take advantage off. Clones of apps are a plague to the App Store where wannabe developers are just trying to make a quick buck off the back of original content. It is becoming saturated to such an extent that the large quality of apps are disappearing so any real, original, quality apps find it hard get their head above water.

I used to make a weekly, regular visit to the App Store to look at the exciting new apps that had been released that week – I stopped doing that months ago. Apple needs to curate the quality control before just accepting any app – like when they said they would stop the barrage of apps of the same use case being accepted. I’m all for developers to make money, but there has to be a quality control in place to ensure that Apple’s ecosystem remains the best source for 3rd party apps in the industry.

Review: Find my Friends App


Find my Friends is a fantastic little app made by Apple although you have to download it from the App Store as it’s not built into the operating system.

The purpose of the app is that you can subscribe to and share your GPS position to your friends and family, so that every time you access the app, you can see at a glance where all your friends and family are on a map, anywhere in the world which can be super useful.

For people who are not familiar with this app, there are going to be a percentage of users who will be immediately turned off by their pre-misconceptions of user privacy or ‘I don’t want everyone to know where I am!’ – Apple is not Google – There is a strict 2-way authentication service in place that will prompt you to allow your location to be shared with the person who has requested it. This works the other way for when you send an ‘invite’ to a friend or family member who has the app installed on their iPhone or iPad, they will also be prompted to allow you to see their location data. You only have to do this once and you can turn off or revoke the access at any time. As Apple states “With Find My Friends, you can choose when you want to be located, by whom and for how long. It’s all up to you.”

You can even set up alerts so that the app will notify you with a push notification when your chosen person arrives or leaves a particular destination – this is particularly helpful if you are expecting a family member home soon or are wishing to contact someone as soon as they leave that particular place. When you tap on ‘Notify’ you can even expand the radius of the geo-fence in case it alerts you too soon of the person’s apparent exit.

Since iOS 7 was introduced, the app has been changed from it’s early version so that now, it is much more user friendly and simpler to use. Siri also integrates with the app so you can tell Siri “Where’s ……” and Siri will source the information from the app in the background and let you know it’s findings.

Quick tip: If you add a passcode to your iPhone or iPad, then the app won’t ask for your password each time you access it.

It would be great if a future version of the app added the ability to have repeating alerts so you didn’t have to manually set an alert each time.

Find my friends is fantastic app from Apple that is super useful for parents and loved ones and is a great companion app to Find my iPhone which the idea clearly came from.

The app is free and you can download it here.