Fixes & Improvements Coming in iOS 7.1

Since iOS 7 was introduced in September last year, it is widley acknowledged that users have been suffering from bugs that has caused our iPhones and iPads to crash every so often which I touched on previously.

There is good news however, as Apple is working on a software update which is currently in beta testing with developers and here at MacTap we highlight the currently known changes and fixes coming:

New Siri Voices

New more “natural-sounding” voices for Australian English, U.K. English, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese have apparently been added to the latest beta which should make the current Siri voice sound a little bit less robotic.

Changes to the UI for the Phone App


As you can see the call and to end call button is now green or red which tweaks the UI. This is different to the button currently on iOS 7.0 which shows wording instead of this colour coded button.

Tweaks to Lockscreen


This could indicate system wide changes but at the moment, this picture shows a ‘power’ button to slide across just for the lock screen where as at the moment on iOS 7, there is just wording to indicate to slide to power off.

Other Changes

The Calendar app has been improved as well as system wide speed improvements and bug fixes which should hopefully eradicate the crashes which according to early reports, is the case.

MacRumors also report:

Release notes from the first iOS 7.1 beta indicated that the update fixes network connection issues in addition to other bugs. The beta also included a new Yahoo logo, extra burst mode uploading options for the camera, and an option for a “dark keyboard” in the Accessibility section.

According to the iOS 7.1 beta 2 release notes, this update fixes several bugs, including one that caused all tones to sound like the default. The settings for Touch ID and Passcodes have also been moved from General settings to the main settings menu and Calendar has a new list view toggle.

There’s a new “Button Shapes” option that can be turned on to indicate where tappable areas are located. Animations appear to be faster in iOS 7.1 beta 2 and Control Center has gained a new bounce animation and music labels that show the audio source.


The keyboard in iOS 7 has been slightly tweaked to make it clearer when shift keys and caps lock are enabled.



The green color in the Phone, Messages, and FaceTime apps has been toned down and is now darker, especially at the bottom of the icons. This introduces a less neon coloration to iOS 7, cutting down on some of the operating system’s brightness.


According to various sources, Apple is expected to release this update to all users later this month or early in March.

Apple iOS 7.1 close to final release

Apple iOS 7.1 close to final release


Apple dramatically overhauled iOS in iOS 7 and with 7.1 a lot of problems like slowness, app crashes and even phone restarts are fixed. Additionally, the operating system feels much more cohesive and thought out, with Apple bringing in some of the flatness in areas, and continuing it through in others. Apple has released five beta versions of iOS 7.1 so far.

Sounds like the much needed software update for iOS 7 will be released shortly, that will hopefully make the software perform much more stable by eradicating the freezing and crashing that has been happening to our iPhones and iPads. Apple prides itself on the design and stability of their software, but when Jonny Ive hastily re-designed the operating system last year, it’s not surprising that they ran out of time to get it released.

I’d wager that when iOS 8 gets released later this year, it won’t suffer from the same problems, as Ive and his team would have had plenty of time to perfect the operating system for release on this occasion.