Shazam with Siri on HomePod to identify songs playing in the room

Benjamin Mayo for 9to5Mac:

On HomePod, I think these same phrases are supposed to work. However, because the HomePod is almost always playing tracks, asking Siri on HomePod ‘what song is this?’ will just tell you about the song that the device is currently playing.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to unambiguously get Siri to use Shazam. Just walk over to your HomePod and say ‘Hey Siri, Shazam this’.

The HomePod will then say something to the effect of ‘I’m listening’. After a few seconds, as long as it can hear the song in the room, it will reply by saying ‘It sounds like [sound name] by [artist]’.

What’s really nice is that the HomePod will remember the context for the follow up. With a successful match, you can then say ‘Hey Siri, play it’. It will then start playing the matched track from your library or from Apple Music, assuming you are subscribed.

I tested this just by holding up my iPhone playing a track from YouTube and it worked perfectly. Thanks to the array of microphones inside HomePod, you don’t have to be super close to it either.

In party situations, this is kind of a handy feature to know about if you just want to get a certain track playing from someone else’s device that doesn’t necessarily have an iPhone or isn’t streaming from Apple Music.

Using Shazam is probably the quickest way to go from watching a VEVO music video from YouTube on your phone to playing the song on the HomePod.

Good tip for when another device is playing music near the HomePod.

Shazam takes aim at iTunes with built-in music player


Shazam takes aim at iTunes with built-in music player – Telegraph:

However, the company is introducing a range of new features, including a new built-in music player that allows Shazam users who subscribe to premium streaming services such as Rdio and Spotify to play the tracks they have identified within Shazam itself. The new Spotify integration – which is available immediately to iOS users and will be rolled out to Android users in the coming weeks – also allows users to have all their Shazams automatically added to a Spotify playlist, or choose a specific playlist to add tracks to.

Very useful feature for Spotify users – to automatically add the track to a playlist. I like this.