Why Your Next iPhone Won’t Need a Cas

Why Your Next iPhone Won’t Need a Case

Mike Elgan:

With its sapphire laminate technology, Apple could bond sapphire to glass on the front and metal on the back, creating an elegant, scratch-proof, thin, light and reasonably-priced iPhone 6.

This arrangement would enable you to carry your iphone in the same pocket as your keys and coins for a year, and it wouldn’t get a scratch.

It’s also likely that the sapphire or glass on such a phone wouldn’t shatter even if you dropped it on pavement. First, sapphire is three times stronger than Gorilla Glass. But more importantly, glass shatters when you drop it because it has scratches. Sapphire doesn’t scratch, so it’s also unlikely to shatter on impact.

An iPhone 6 that didn’t get scratched on the front or the back and that didn’t break when you dropped it on the street wouldn’t need a case.

I believe this is the main reason Apple is pushing for sapphire: to kill the case.

Apple is all about design, especially when it comes to the iPhone – even the top executives tend not to use cases. I agree that Apple doesn’t really want their customers to cover their iPhones with cases but due to the susceptibility of scratches appearing on the devices, Apple felt that they should get into the case business rather than miss out on the lucrative case market until they can solve the problem of scratching and with this new Sapphire technology, it certainly seems a case free iPhone future is realistically possible. I personally don’t like to use a case either which is another reason why the iPhone 5c is a better choice for people who don’t want to use a case but don’t want scratches either.