Apple Readying Fix for Issues with Touch ID Fading

Apple Readying Fix for Issues with Touch ID Fading

Kelly Hodgkins:

Apple is preparing an update that will improve performance of the Touch ID sensor on its iPhone 5s handset, claims AppleInsider. Apple has tapped its AuthenTec team to eliminate “fade”, a term coined to describe the increasingly erratic performance of the fingerprint sensor that is experienced by some iPhone 5s owners.

After launching iPhone 5s last fall, Apple has continued to work with the original AuthenTec team to improve its recognition software and will release an update relatively soon, the source confidently reported. However, AppleInsider could not verify whether the update will ship as part of iOS 7.1, which is expected to drop in mid-March.

Issues with Touch ID surfaced shortly after the iPhone 5s was introduced, with owners reporting an increasing number of failed scans shortly after they enter their fingerprints. Deleting and rescanning a fingerprint only temporarily fixes the issue.

This is definitely a wide-spread problem. In fact myself and my good lady have both felt the need to ‘retrain’ the finger print record multiple times since purchase. We both often just unlock our iPhones by typing our pass codes in rather than using the finger print recognition. Apple definitely needs to improve this, so it’s good to see a potential fix is coming.