The wakening of a 5.30am alarm, time to get ready for another working day and commute into Central London armed with my mobile device of choice. From my home to the office is a gruelling 2 hours each way, making up 20 hours a week spent travelling so for getting work done and being entertained en route, my device of choice is the iPad Air.

In the beginning of my commuting days my time was spent listening to music on my iPad Air via the music app and watching the world go by. As time went by I started to become more aware that I should be using my iPhone for all my music and leave my iPad Air for catching up with tv shows that I had missed courtesy of BBC iPlayer or watching a movie from my iTunes library because of the larger screen. Since then I have found it much easier to store more information or apps on my iPad Air due to the increased storage space available by not having my music stored on it. 32GB definitely seems worthwhile in hindsight paying the extra bucks due to the increased storage.

While I get ready for my commute to work in the mornings, I generally have a nice hot strong cup of coffee whilst perusing the daily newspapers that I subscribe to which have been automatically downloaded to my iPad overnight. I generally have time to download a movie or tv show during my previous day at home or work for my journey as well via the iTunes app to give me a nice choice of content. Now I will admit that I was happy to spend on a subscription for my newspaper of choice, in spite of free publications that are available but the extra money spent ensures that I get to read my my favourite writers and articles each day presented on a device which highlights the experience of absorbing the news – that’s what it’s all about.

When the time for me to leave for work arrives, I make sure that my iPad is in its Belkin sleeve and in my carry holder along with my other work related files etc. I do not use an iPad case but I will come to that later. I have my iPhone plugged into my Sony headphones for the start of my journey to the train station. As mentioned, I am currently sporting a set of Sony over the ear headphones, which are not the most amazing set of headphones and certainly not a set I would recommend but for the price when purchased they were a temporary fix until I upgrade to quality set which I will review in due course.

Once I am on the train journey to London, I retrieve my iPad Air and start to read my daily newspapers. Once I have soaked up as much news as I possibly can, I will generally switch over to the BBC iPlayer app if there is a programme that I have not watched yet. My interests are mainly in watching previous or current episodes of Top Gear or a good tv shows that has been recommended to me by a friend or my wife. Watching movies on the iPad is fantastic with its gorgeous retina display showing off the colours and clarity and again highlighting the experience of in this case watching movies on the iPad.

Once we arrive at London, I will put my iPad in my Belkin iPad sleeve for the short distance from the station to the office. On my desk, I pair the iPad with the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard. Automatic pairing with the device has already happened by the time I sit down to work so I am ready to type straight away. Connecting to the office wifi and using the Bluetooth keyboard now ensures that my iPad is a complete solution for work with access to my documents and data stored in the cloud via services like Dropbox and iCloud, messaging capabilities with email and iMessage with my colleagues etc.

Belkin sleeve – I said I would come back to this and here is my reasons for why I use a sleeve and not a case. Firstly, I used to own an iPad Mini and had a case for that, it was great and it did the job. It was great for standing the iPad up when watching a movie but when it came to holding it when walking around sitting on the sofa surfing the web, it felt too bulky and not very nice to hold for longer periods of time. So now with my iPad Air, I don’t use a case – just the Belkin sleeve that protects it when I am carrying it around and when I need to stand it up for watching a movie or tv show, I now use this very good stand called a Stump Stand that supports it for just that.

My journey home from work is a backwards step process. I will listen to music or podcast on my iPhone during my walk to the station and once on the train I switch from my iPhone to the iPad where I will watch a movie or if I am not too tired from my working day I will play a game. I have 3 games that I am playing at present, 1 is GTA San Andreas (fan of the GTA series). Another is Real Racing 3 (big fan motor sport) and the last one is Minecraft Pocket Edition – purely because my 7 year old son is extremely into it on both his xbox and his iPad Mini and demands I play this game with him, we are currently building a small village!

After a short while I started to take note of my surroundings on the train and noticed the difference in peoples choice of time usage while traveling. Some would read a book, some would read a newspaper, some would do work on their laptop or tablet. It became apparent to me that the ones using a tablet were a good 90-95% of users with an iPad. I have noticed that more men seem to carry the iPad and more women carry the iPad Mini – just an observation. Also, I noticed that my fellow commuters who also use a tablet during their daily commute tend to use their time either playing a game of choice or watching a tv show and only a few tend to read using their tablet which is interesting.

During the timeframe of my commuting, It has become clear that more people are making the step towards purchasing a tablet and that society has accepted this as an improvement to their everyday lives.

I have concluded that the iPad Air is the perfect mobile device for my lifestyle and taking it to work with me everyday for use during the commute and for using it as my work computer at the office. It’s the best computer I have ever owned and I wouldn’t be without it.