The Wello iPhone case that detects your vital signs

The Wello iPhone case that detects your vital signs

Susie Ochs:

The new Wello, from tech company Azoi, looks like a smartphone case—because it is a smartphone case. But embedded in that case is a plate with sophisticated sensors that can detect your vital signs in less than 30 seconds—all you have to do is press a button on the side of the case, and then hold your smartphone.

Your fingers line up effortlessly with sensors on the back and top of the case. Those sensors gather data that the software algorithms can extrapolate to around 20 vital signs, including your heart rate, ECG, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, blood oxygen, respiratory rate, and temperature. “We do all of this with clinical accuracy,” Azoi CEO and founder Hamish Patel told TechHive. “It’s really the first of its kind.”

Wello transmits the data it monitors via Bluetooth LE to an app on your Android or iOS smartphone. And you can monitor data for multiple users.

All that data is sent via Bluetooth LE to a mobile app, which Patel says will support iOS and Android at launch. The app will pull data from other fitness devices too—Fitbit trackers will be supported at launch, and Patel says that the company can add more devices thanks to open APIs.

This is where Apple is rumored to be heading with their apparent impending iWatch type device. Not a case for your iPhone per se, but it does open up possibilities for companies to get involved, designing cases and apps and wearable devices because all signs are pointing to this as to where we are heading.