Review: Brushstroke App


Brushstroke is a fantastic app that the iPhone and iPad has been waiting for. Essentially, you take any photo that is in your camera roll and with just a few taps, you can apply different filters over them to create a brushstroke type effect which makes your photos look like they were painted.

Once you have applied a filter, you can share the photo to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc or save back into your camera roll to add to your own collection.


The best feature is that the developers have teamed up with Canvaspop so that you can have the photo professionally printed onto canvas and shipped to your door. You can pick the frame and size that you wish, to ensure that whatever photo you choose it will look like a professional artist has painstakingly crafted the picture just for you to adorn in your home.

The app itself has a minimalist design with easy to navigate buttons that help you through the process. You can in theory, access the app, select a photo and within half a dozen taps, you are done – magical stuff.

It’s so simple to use and is a perfect advert for a use case for the iPhone and iPad. The app is £1.99 and you can download it here.