Google Stories: Photos and Videos Find New Life in Automatically Generated Photo Albums



As you swipe through, the captions slide out from behind photos, and the pictures move up and down along the timeline, giving the story a bit of motion. Google can add in video or automatically generated “Auto Awesome” GIFs to the timeline as well, as long as they’re in the source album. After the story ends (with a slide that says “The End,” of course), viewers can leave a +1 or a comment, or share the story if you’ve decided to share it publicly.

You can also ad a caption to each photo in your Story—Google calls them “narratives.” Google Inc. If you have any photos loaded into your Google+ account, Google will automatically sort through your pictures and turn them into stories based on when they were taken. Eidelson has photos from as far back as 2005, and the system generated stories for those old photos too.

If it works as good as it looks, Google might be onto a winner here. Automatic uploading of your photos from your iPhone/Android device with the best way yet I have seen of viewing and sharing your photo collection.