[Link] This killer trick will charge your iPhone 6 in half the time


This killer trick will charge your iPhone 6 in half the time | Cult of Mac

But here’s a killer trick. You can use a 12W iPad charger to juice up the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in half the time when compared to the 5W iPhone charger your device ships with by default.

So if you’re frustrated by how long it takes your iPhone 6 to charge to 100%? Try plugging it into your iPad charger.

Nice tip.

[Link] Apple iPhone 6 Plus Second Impressions from Microsoft Commentator Paul Thurrott


Apple iPhone 6 Plus Second Impressions from Paul Thurrott

I’ve only been using iPhone 6 Plus for a day, but I’ve already noticed that the battery life is fantastic. I used it all day yesterday and didn’t charge it overnight and it made it past noon this morning too. I’ll be looking at this more closely, obviously, but I can’t recall a smart phone with that kind of staying power.

I think it’s fair to note that most people would be quite happy with the iPhone 6 Plus or, if they’re not interested in a phablet, the smaller iPhone 6. This is a wonderful smart phone overall.

[Link] Six Colors: Why I bought the iPhone 6 Plus


Dan Frakes on Why he bought the iPhone 6 Plus

I realized that part of my initial 6-versus-6-Plus indecision was that I continued to think of my iPhone as a phone: “Phones aren’t that big” and “That looks ridiculous” and “There’s no way I’d be caught dead in public holding that thing up to my ear.”

But I can count on one hand the number of times each week I actually hold my iPhone up to my ear. Part of this is because I don’t really talk on the phone that often any more. But even when I do, I’m usually using a Bluetooth headset, headphones with a microphone, or the iPhone’s speakerphone.

More to the point, my phone simply isn’t “a phone that does other stuff” anymore. When Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone as a combination of a phone, media player, and Internet communicator, that was an apt description. But these days, my iPhone is primarily a computer that runs apps—and one of those apps (a seldom-used one) just so happens to make phone calls.

Indeed, the vast majority—I’d guess 95+ percent—of my iPhone use has nothing to do with the Phone app. I use the device for reading in apps such as Reeder (RSS), Instapaper, NextDraft, Kindle, and iBooks. I browse the Web and Facebook. I communicate with others via email, text messages, Twitter, and Slack. I listen to music and watch video. I play games. I take and browse photos. I even use the FaceTime app more than I “talk on the phone.”

For every one of these things, a larger screen is better: I can see more content, the interface has more room to breathe, buttons are larger, and so on. Even listening to music is better, as album art and buttons are larger. I probably use more apps on my iPhone than I do on my Mac, and most of these apps are better on a bigger screen.

Completely agree. Stop thinking of the iPhone as a phone and instead a computing device and it becomes more clearer to understand and eradicate any concerns you may have had on how big a phone should be. When the watch comes out, you will more than likely need some sort of headset to be able to voice communicate with it so maybe a headset can be used with the iPhone as well so you never need to hold the phone up to your ear. 

[Link] Six Colors: iPhone 6 Plus: It’s not an iPad nano


Six Colors: iPhone 6 Plus: It’s not an iPad nano

I’m not saying the iPhone 6 Plus is wrong for not being an iPad. Not at all. What I’m saying is, it’s not an iPad—and that I think people who expect it to be one are going to be disappointed. If the question is, “Big iPhone or small iPad?”, the answer is clear: The iPhone 6 Plus is called iPhone for a reason, and it’s not the Phone app.

[Link] Samsung smartphone trade-in requests surge in wake of Apple’s iPhone 6 announcements


Samsung smartphone trade-in requests surge in wake of Apple’s iPhone 6 announcements

According to buyback service and AppleInsider partner Gazelle, trade-ins of Samsung devices were up threefold on a weekly basis immediately following Apple’s Sept. 9 announcement, suggesting Apple’s larger screen sizes may already be doing their part to court over Android switchers.

Talking of Samsung….Let the people talk.

[Link] Samsung mocks Apple’s iPhone 6 in adverts for its Galaxy Note 4 | Mail Online


Samsung mocks Apple’s iPhone 6 in adverts for its Galaxy Note 4 | Mail Online

  • Samsung has created six adverts mocking Apple’s latest announcements
  •  One video refers to the fact Apple’s live stream crashed on Tuesday
  •  Others poke fun at Apple’s Watch, as well as the lack of multiple windows and styluses on the new phones
  •  Each advert was designed to show off features of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4
  •  The ‘It Doesn’t Take a Genius’ title refers to Apple’s in-store Genius bars

Haters gonna hate…

[Link] Cult of Mac’s First Impressions of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus


Hands-on: First impressions of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus | Cult of Mac

Next up is the “bigger than bigger” iPhone 6 Plus, which comes with an eagerly anticipated 5.5-inch display. It’s nearly as huge as the Galaxy Note 4, but Apple’s cleverly figured out a way for you to use it with only one hand. Watch the video below to see it in action.

I love how Apple have got round the big screen-too-big-to-operate-with-one-hand scenario – double tap the home button and the screen moves down so you can access what would of been hard to reach areas with only one hand. Simple idea but genius.

[Link] U2’s sad show was a swan song for iTunes


U2’s sad show was a swan song for iTunes | Cult of Mac

By giving the album away, Apple hammers another metaphysical nail in the coffin of music sales. Digital music sales declined last year for the first time since the advent of iTunes, which hastened the demise of the compact disc a decade ago.

In the face of competition from streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and the Apple-owned Beats Music, there’s simply no compelling reason to own music anymore, aside from picking up a CD when your favorite indie band rolls through town so you can get an autograph (and they can get some gas money).

Plenty of people — digital hoarders, mostly — will undoubtedly grab their free copies of the new U2 album during the iTunes-exclusive window, but how many will actually play the files they download? If you’ve got the Internet, why would you need them clogging up your smartphone or your Apple Watch?

Don’t get me wrong: Music isn’t dead. Nobody will ever stop human beings (or elephants, for that matter) from making music.

But selling records or even downloads? That’s basically a thing of the past.

I wholeheartedly agree with this. Streaming and subscription is the future but don’t write Apple off just yet – they didn’t buy Beats for their headphones (that was a bonus) iTunes will evolve…

[Link] Don’t want a larger-sized iPhone? Another view on it…


iPhones – All this

many people prefer and are better served by the current iPhone size. Women’s clothes, in particular, are typically not designed for carrying large phones, which is why I see lots of women carrying their phones in their back pockets—they just don’t have any other place for them.

This is the point where men often say “But they have purses!” Very observant. You might also have noticed that women don’t carry their purses as they move around their homes or workplaces. But they still want to keep their phones with them.

Agreed. If people are not interested in the new iPhone 6 because they think it will be too big for them, you would think Apple will still make a 3.7” sized device in the future so not to lose existing customers. They couldn’t certainly upgrade the internals of the current iPhone 5s, upgrade it with iPhone 6 components and re-brand it next year as a 6c or whatever but what about the year after that? Will the rumoured 4.7” be the minimum size for the iPhone going forward. One thing is for sure, if you intended to stick with your 5s, you’ll maybe only get 2-3 years before iOS reaches a point where it doesn’t support it anymore. It’s an interesting dynamic, and hopefully things will be a lot clearer very soon.

[Link] Dyson Reveals Its All-Seeing Robot Vacuum, The 360 Eye


Dyson Reveals Its All-Seeing Robot Vacuum, The 360 Eye | TechCrunch

Dyson 360 Eye owners will be able to control their robot via a new app for iOS and Android which handles screening even via remote connection. The vacuum is going to ship in Japan first, with an arrival date of spring 2015, and the company isn’t saying anything about pricing or availability in other markets beyond that just yet.

Will be interesting to see reviews on this later next year and how it handles hard to reach places but if it really can recharge itself, be programmable (such as when you leave the house) then sign me up.