[Link] Don’t want a larger-sized iPhone? Another view on it…


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many people prefer and are better served by the current iPhone size. Women’s clothes, in particular, are typically not designed for carrying large phones, which is why I see lots of women carrying their phones in their back pockets—they just don’t have any other place for them.

This is the point where men often say “But they have purses!” Very observant. You might also have noticed that women don’t carry their purses as they move around their homes or workplaces. But they still want to keep their phones with them.

Agreed. If people are not interested in the new iPhone 6 because they think it will be too big for them, you would think Apple will still make a 3.7” sized device in the future so not to lose existing customers. They couldn’t certainly upgrade the internals of the current iPhone 5s, upgrade it with iPhone 6 components and re-brand it next year as a 6c or whatever but what about the year after that? Will the rumoured 4.7” be the minimum size for the iPhone going forward. One thing is for sure, if you intended to stick with your 5s, you’ll maybe only get 2-3 years before iOS reaches a point where it doesn’t support it anymore. It’s an interesting dynamic, and hopefully things will be a lot clearer very soon.