[Link] Six Colors: Why I bought the iPhone 6 Plus


Dan Frakes on Why he bought the iPhone 6 Plus

I realized that part of my initial 6-versus-6-Plus indecision was that I continued to think of my iPhone as a phone: “Phones aren’t that big” and “That looks ridiculous” and “There’s no way I’d be caught dead in public holding that thing up to my ear.”

But I can count on one hand the number of times each week I actually hold my iPhone up to my ear. Part of this is because I don’t really talk on the phone that often any more. But even when I do, I’m usually using a Bluetooth headset, headphones with a microphone, or the iPhone’s speakerphone.

More to the point, my phone simply isn’t “a phone that does other stuff” anymore. When Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone as a combination of a phone, media player, and Internet communicator, that was an apt description. But these days, my iPhone is primarily a computer that runs apps—and one of those apps (a seldom-used one) just so happens to make phone calls.

Indeed, the vast majority—I’d guess 95+ percent—of my iPhone use has nothing to do with the Phone app. I use the device for reading in apps such as Reeder (RSS), Instapaper, NextDraft, Kindle, and iBooks. I browse the Web and Facebook. I communicate with others via email, text messages, Twitter, and Slack. I listen to music and watch video. I play games. I take and browse photos. I even use the FaceTime app more than I “talk on the phone.”

For every one of these things, a larger screen is better: I can see more content, the interface has more room to breathe, buttons are larger, and so on. Even listening to music is better, as album art and buttons are larger. I probably use more apps on my iPhone than I do on my Mac, and most of these apps are better on a bigger screen.

Completely agree. Stop thinking of the iPhone as a phone and instead a computing device and it becomes more clearer to understand and eradicate any concerns you may have had on how big a phone should be. When the watch comes out, you will more than likely need some sort of headset to be able to voice communicate with it so maybe a headset can be used with the iPhone as well so you never need to hold the phone up to your ear.