‘Masque attack’ on iOS


‘Masque attack’: Don’t panic but do pay attention | iMore:

“Masque Attack” is the new name—given by security firm FireEye—to an old trick intended to fool you into installing malicious apps on your iPhone or iPad. Most recently detailed by security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski, tricks like Masque Attack won’t affect most people, but it’s worth understanding how it works and, in the event you are targeted, how to avoid it.

To avoid Masque and similar attacks, all that’s required is to avoid downloading any apps from outside Apple’s official App Store, and denying permission for any untrusted app to install.

If you are concerned about being susceptible to attacks, then don’t jail break your device and only download apps direct from the App Store. Most consumer users probably won’t know how to install 3rd party apps anyway but it was worth noting for when people see a negative headline and are concerned.