What’s Behind the Great Podcast Renaissance?

Kevin Roose Reporting for NYMag:

There are a few possible reasons for the resurgence. The first is that today’s podcasts are simply better. Most podcasts used to be pretty amateurish — two people talking about sports for an hour, say, or a businessman ad libbing MBA lessons. And some still are. But today’s top podcasts — and I’ll refer you to The Atlantic’s list of some of the best — are full-scale productions with real staff, budget, and industry expertise behind them.

Podcasts or internet broadcasting have always been an underrated medium that in the majority of cases are available for free for playback on most any device – the problem is the industry needs to make it easy for non-tech minded folks to start listening/watching to podcasts by showing them how to subscribe to them and convince the folks to adopt podcast consuming into their daily lives for it to take off.

Certainly the production values on video podcasts from the likes of Twit.tv are excellent and the majority of podcasts can be entertaining and informative and make a nice change from the usual TV shows that are broadcasted nowadays. With tablet and smartphones market share increasing every day, it’s only a matter of time before momentum gathers pace for Internet broadcasting.