‘Sync Solver’ Allows Fitbit Users to Sync Data with Apple Health App


‘Sync Solver’ Allows Fitbit Users to View Fitness Related Data in Apple’s Health App – Mac Rumors:

Launched on the App Store this week, Sync Solver allows Fitbit wearers to track all of the important information the wearable device calculates on a daily basis directly inside Apple’s own Health app without needing to use the dedicated Fitbit app.

The $0.99 app provides a daily sync of eleven different pieces of data from the Fitbit into the Health app. The points of data accrued include: active calories, resting calories, dietary calories, body fat percentage, body mass index, flights of stairs climbed, sleep analysis, walking and running distances, weight, and steps taken.

Great solution for FitBit users who would like to sync their data with the Apple Health app – especially after FitBit said they wouldn’t initially support it.