The Demise of Google Glass


Ron Miller from TechCrunch on the Apparent Demise of Google Glass from his own First Hand Experience of using it;

I found it uncomfortable looking up to see that small screen. What’s more, the operating system consisted of a carousel interface. You could move up and and down and side to side within that interface, but your email, texts, tweets, whatever you were reading was on cards and you cycled through them by touching the side of the device. I found this awkward and I imagined that over time as more tools developed, the carousel itself would become overcrowded.
You could also use your voice, “OK Glass.” But I pictured people in the checkout lines at supermarkets all, muttering commands to their wearables. It didn’t seem like a plausible way of interacting with a computer in public on a regular basis.

As it turned out, I wasn’t going to spend $1500 on an item I didn’t enjoy using. I found myself having to force myself to use Glass because I simply didn’t like it.

Interesting though that Google have put Nest designer Tony Fadell on it to try and take the idea in another direction. We might not have heard the last of it after all.