Smarter Coffee: The World’s First Wifi Coffee Machine

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Smarter – the makers of iKettle – the world’s first wifi kettle, which I reviewed here, have announced their next innovation – Smarter Coffee. Smarter says;

Our heartfelt apologies go out to all the hard-working baristas across the world; sadly your days are numbered because the hot drink heroes that brought us the iKettle have now invented Smarter Coffee – the world’s first WiFi coffee machine. 

No more faffing about with that French press, everything is controlled with a few gentle smartphone gestures. This futuristic appliance makes delicious coffee straight from bean to cup, grinding and brewing it in one fell swoop. 

Best of all, it grinds and brews “on demand”, so whether you’re sipping solo or getting a whole round in for your sleep-deprived co-workers, you won’t waste a single bean. With the included Smarter Carafe you can brew a generous 12 cups at once and there’s even a function on the app that lets you send and receive drink requests from other users. Genius. 

How do you like yours? Smarter Coffee not only gives you the option to decide how coarse your beans are ground, but also lets you choose the strength of your coffee so that it’s tailored to your personal tastes – pleasantly subtle as a light afternoon pick-me-up or super strong to subdue the effects of last night’s reckless indulgences. 

Just like its tea-focussed predecessor there’s a Welcome Home mode so your cuppa is ready for you the moment you step through the front door, and thanks to the Wake Up mode you can literally wake up and smell the coffee every, single, day. 

Using the same software and functionality of their iKettle software, coffee lovers now have a dedicated wifi and smartphone enabled coffee machine for programability. It costs £149.99 and you can pre-order here.