Federico Viticci on Why the iPad Became His Main Computer


iPad Air 2 Review: Why the iPad Became My Main Computer – MacStories

I’m lucky enough to be able to use my iPad as my main computer on a daily basis. For the past three months, I’ve only been using my Mac to record podcasts on Skype twice a week, download torrents, and follow an Apple live earnings call. I’ve gradually removed many reasons why I needed a Mac and I’m now enjoying better results on a computer that has a high-res display, weighs less than a pound, and is constantly connected to the Internet over 4G with a battery that lasts 10 hours.
The iPad Air 2 has allowed me to eschew the physical constraints of a computer that isn’t as portable as I’d need it to be. My type of work allows me to do most of my computing on an iPad, and, while I realize that it’s not for everyone, the iPad is the computer for me, and I expect the apps and workflows that are still Mac-only to fade over time and transform into new iOS experiences, just as they’ve done over the last three years. The software innovation that is taking place on iOS and the App Store is unparalleled, and I have personally witnessed how iOS has evolved and changed my work routine since 2012.

As Myke Hurley said in this week’s episode of ‘Connected’, Federico Viticci by writing this piece has convinced me more than what Apple has been doing lately on the long term practical uses for the iPad. Fantastic piece.