PC makers mock Apple’s new MacBook

Over at The Verge, they put together nice retorts to how PC makers were quick to advertise how their products were better than Apple’s newest design. It seems to be getting more and more common for competitors to try and sway consumers for choosing their products over Apple’s – still worth a quick read even if Apple are guilty of it themselves:

PC makers mock Apple’s new MacBook | The Verge

Lenovo was first out the gate by calling the new MacBook “so last year,” the ultimate insult to any fashion-conscious laptop buyers. Lenovo also went for a comparison picture showing how its Yoga 3 Pro is 12.8mm thin compared to the 13.1mm thinness of the MacBook, all while conveniently overlooking the fact its laptop is 0.62 pounds heavier than Apple’s latest. The comparison picture also makes the MacBook look rather thick.

And this:

Dell followed Lenovo in its response to the Macbook with a tweet dismissing its Retina display. Dell claims its XPS 13 has 2 million more pixels than the MacBook, but weight and thickness didn’t even feature in Dell’s comparison. While Dell’s XPS 13 is heavier and thicker than the MacBook, you do get two USB ports, a mini DisplayPort, and a SD card reader.

And this:

The final entry in the PC market response is Asus with its ZenBook UX305. At just 12.3mm thin it certainly beats the MacBook thickness, and even has an impressive three USB ports, micro HDMI, and SD card reader. It’s still slightly heavier than the MacBook, and Asus forgot to mention it only has a 1920 x 1080 13-inch display on the base model.


Good summary from The Verge:

If there’s anything these comparisons teach us it’s that PC makers will compare only their very best stats and ignore the rest. That’s surprisingly similar to Apple’s own stats manipulation during its keynotes, but it’s also a reminder that the PC market doesn’t have an answer to the new 12-inch MacBook just yet — a good combination of weight, thickness, trackpad, and high-resolution display. Some have matched or got close to the MacBook Air, while failing on the quality of trackpads and battery life.