Apple Watch Docks & Charging Stands

In preparation for pre-ordering the Apple Watch, you will want to make sure you have a quick and easy charging solution for when you take it off to charge overnight with that in mind, here are some good choices from various manufacturers that I have seen so far:

Luxury Pocket Stand by Pad & Quill lps-colorselect-amcherry-1399_1 magnet-1399-125k

Hand finished and cut from hardwood, these stands offer a solid and natural finish to put your new Apple Watch in each night – if you have a wood-effect bedside table, then this is obviously ideal. Also available in a darker mahogany style, you can pick one up here and they are priced at $69.99/$79.99.

HiRise for Apple Watch by Twelve South twelve-south-hirise twelve-south-apple-watch

Based on their designs for their iPhone and iPad charging docks, Twelve South’s solution is to offer a choice of 2 colours white and black, with a more aluminium-look and feel to their stands. Not yet available to pre-order, they will be priced at $49.99 and you can sign up to be notified when they will be available for pre-order.

Griffin WatchStand griffin-watch-stand griffin_watchstand_02_1

Griffin Technology are also letting people sign up for their upcoming Apple Watch cradle with the announcement of the WatchStand.

Griffin state that the WatchStand offers:

  • Holds your Apple Watch at an easily viewable angle as it charges
  • Cradle captures cable connector and keeps it in place, ready to charge
  • Excess cable length stores away inside WatchStand’s post
  • Non-slip base and no-scratch padding hold WatchStand in place on desk or tabletop
  • Molded base also holds iPhone, angled for easy viewing
  • Uses Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable that comes with Apple Watch

You can sign up to be notified for more information regarding it’s release here.

I personally prefer the silver HiRise solution as I like my devices to match with the white/silver combination of colours so I have signed up to be notified and then order when they become available. These solutions certainly won’t be the last to be announced for the Apple Watch but it’s good that folks are planning ahead.