Launcher – Super Useful & Newly Approved


After Six Months of Rejections, Launcher Returns to the App Store – MacStories

The actual Launcher app is as convenient as it used to be when it was first released in September. Launcher lets you create shortcuts to other apps (both Apple and third-party ones) that will be displayed as a grid in the Today view of Notification Center. Upon first launch, the app will offer a selection of built-in shortcuts based on your contacts, but the best part is the ability to create your own buttons for installed apps and any URL scheme you know. In my case, I created shortcuts to Shazam, Google search and Maps, 1Password, and even a couple of MacStories webpages.

Fantastic detailed piece from Federico Viticci over at MacStories highlighting just how useful this app can be. You can have shortcuts to specific tasks within apps available very quickly, just by pulling down the Notification Center or you could have some apps that you have hidden away in folders or anywhere for that matter, now available as a shortcut in the Notification Center. Very useful app.