Instapaper 6.2 Adds Instant Sync, Text Shots


Instapaper Blog:

Instant Sync

On iOS, you can enable Instant Sync in Settings to allow Instapaper to send you silent push notifications when you save a new article. The silent push notification allows the iOS app to download the new content from the server immediately, and the result is better syncing between your iOS devices and our servers.

Please note that Instant Sync is subject to Apple’s battery-saving algorithms, and as such is not 100% reliable. We’ve found that Instant Sync is completely reliable when the device is plugged in and on WiFi, fairly reliable when just on WiFi, and basically a coin toss over a cellular connection. But when it works, it’s amazing!

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Bonus: Tweet Shots

For the Twitter users amongst you, you know that thing where people screenshot pieces of an article for sharing on Twitter? We wanted to make it really easy to do that from Instapaper, so you can now go directly from an Instapaper highlight or text selection to a beautiful Twitter image in just three taps:

This a fantastic update to Instapaper that I have been waiting for. For a while I have been using Pocket to collect the articles and sites I wish to read later or link to because of Pocket’s instant sync feature – which showed via the notification badge above the app icon, of your total saved articles. Instapaper always used the somewhat delayed background updating which wasn’t instant – now it is.

The Tweet Shot feature is another great addition to the app for selecting, quoting and sharing pieces of text really quickly. Instapaper has just become my new favourite read later service of choice.