Apple Releases Official Dock for the iPhone


The last time Apple made an official dock for the iPhone was when they released the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5c. Since then, folks have had to rely on 3rd party docks – some have been good and some have been very bad!

It is extremely convenient to be able to pop your iPhone straight on to a dock and it starts charging straight away – the amount of times you put your device on charge every day and every week, accessories like a good charging dock are a Godsend. What is also great about this dock from Apple is that it will fit any iPhone with a lightning connection so you won’t have to buy a new dock every time you upgrade your iPhone which is kinda of what tended to happen. Also you should be able to charge your iPhone with this dock without first having to remove a case that you may or may not be using with it.

You can order one here.