Apple Watch Intimacy

Michael Simon writing for Macworld:

By comparison, the Apple Watch’s main function has been to take away much of the noise the iPhone brings into my life. I know what you’re thinking—just put your iPhone in a drawer and unplug it if it’s having so much of a negative effect on your life—but the point is that Apple Watch allows me to stay present in both places. Unplugging is one thing, but it’s hard to shut off the part of your brain that wonders what you’re missing in the world. With Apple Watch, I can concentrate on my life without constantly checking my phone to see if I missed an incoming email or refreshing At-Bat to see the Red Sox score.

I can understand how someone could want more from their Apple Watch, but I’m not looking for Apple to add more apps and functionality. If I had one wish it would be for the Apple Watch to do the same things it does now but let me leave my iPhone at home. But even when future revisions make this version look extraordinarily basic, its core benefit will remain: Apple Watch has returned something extraordinary that I never really knew I could get back.