Mac App Store needs to support software demos and upgrades

Kirk McElhearn for Macworld:

But two things are missing from the Mac App Store: demo versions and paid upgrades. (This also applies to the iOS App Store, but I’ll just focus on the Mac in this article.) You can’t download an app to try it out for a week or a month, and then pay for it if it suits your needs. And you can’t get a discount on an upgrade to an app you bought a year or two ago, or even last week.

Valid point from Kirk but it’s not just those 2 examples that the Mac App Store needs. It’s been well publicised that notable Mac third party developers of software such as Sketch and BBEdit have removed their participation mainly due to the constraints placed upon them by Apple when selling their software through the Mac App Store. Will Shipley wrote a long post in 2012 on why the App Store needs paid upgrades which hasn’t happened as yet also.

Romain Dillet pointed out for TechCrunch in December:

Many developers don’t bother releasing their new OS X apps in the Mac App Store.

These aren’t insignificant apps. These are professional apps, and many power users rely on them every day. Fortunately, all these companies found a way to issue new license numbers for existing Mac App Store users. Nobody is getting left behind. But Apple should dedicate more resources toward the Mac App Store.

There are some stricter guidelines on the Mac App Store as well. Apps need to be sandboxed for improved security. But it isn’t always possible for apps with low-level implementations. You won’t see the Dropbox app in the Mac App Store anytime soon for example.

It’s as if the Mac App Store has been abandoned because it’s not spoken about in their keynotes, no new changes or improvements are announced and as far as we know, nothing is being done to entice developers to come back to the Mac App Store. Apple is known to have small teams of developers and engineers working on different parts of their software and are moved about to concentrate on other areas and if this is the case here with the Mac App Store, then it definitely needs revisiting. There have been rumours just this week that Apple has a team working on potentially introducing paid search into the App Store but whether this is the iOS App Store or Mac App Store or both is not clear.

Back in December, Apple announced a shake up of responsibilities for Jeff Williams and Phil Schiller with the latter now overseeing changes and improvements for to the App Store and now that the developer conference was announced this week to take place in June, it will be interesting to see what changes if any will be made to the Mac App Store.