Upgrade Your iPhone This Year or Next Year

Thomas Ricker writing for The Verge on the iPhone Upgrade cycle:

These rumors have been around for awhile, of course, but they’ve received a shot of credibility recently after the Wall Street Journal’s “people familiar with the matter” said Apple would “make only subtle changes” to this year’s iPhone, making it 1-mm thinner, more water resistant, and removing the headphone jack. The bigger changes are coming in 2017 with the 10th anniversary iPhone. The most notable feature, according to the WSJ, is the elimination of the home button, with the fingerprint sensor integrated directly into the edge-to-edge OLED display. That’s the phone I want, but I don’t want to buy a phone in 2016 and 2017. Question is: can I and others like me wait three years to upgrade?

I would wager Apple definitely has something special lined up for their 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone. If you can hold off, next year’s iPhone will be the game changing one to get – a lot of respected reports are pointing to this happening.