Why Not Upgrading To Apple Watch Series 2

Ben Lovejoy for 9to5Mac:

First, glancing at the complications. I use only the Modular watch-face, so I can glance at that to see the information I need most often. Amusingly, for a guy who hadn’t worn a conventional watch for more than a decade prior to the Apple Watch, the thing I glance at most often is … yep, the time.

My second usage is notifications. As mentioned, I don’t need these during the working day, as they pop up on my iPhone or Mac, but they are extremely handy outside the home. It’s easier to raise my wrist to glance at a notification than to dig the phone out of my pocket, especially as cycling is my normal way to get around London.

Third is replying to text messages, either using the built-in replies or dictating a message to Siri. Again, it’s just quicker and easier, especially while cycling.

Finally, Apple Pay is my usual method of paying for things. Almost everywhere in London accepts contactless payment, so it’s rare that I have to pull my wallet out of my pocket. That double-press of the side button while nearing the front of the queue followed by simply holding out my wrist to the payment terminal is super-convenient as well as more secure.

And that’s it. The original Apple Watch does all of that perfectly well, and if I do want to open apps, watchOS 3 seems to bring all the speed improvements needed, without new hardware.

So while I’m definitely now a solid fan of the Apple Watch, there’s nothing I need from the Series 2 that I don’t already have. I still prefer the aluminum casing to the stainless steel, and the ceramic doesn’t appeal to me. The only waterproofing I need is just to wash my hands, and the original watch copes with that just fine.

In fact, I’m curious what Apple can offer to tempt me next year to persuade me to upgrade to a Series 3. Offhand, I can’t think of anything extra I want, but I’m certainly not going to be ruling out an upgrade next time around: like Steve always said, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.

I found myself completely agreeing with this article although I would offer one previously reported potential upgrade feature – independence from the iPhone by using cellular or some other means – would definitely be a feature that would get me to upgrade next year.