Why the BBC will struggle to make iPlayer as good as Netflix

Jasper Jackson writing for The Guardian:

And then there are the technical challenges of making any radical changes to iPlayer. As a publicly funded, public-service broadcaster, the BBC has a duty to be available as widely as possible. That means making sure iPlayer is compatible with services such as Sky, Virgin and YouView, plus many smart TVs and other devices.

Adding new features, or even making the way its video is delivered more efficient, risks breaking earlier versions or making it incompatible with older devices and services.

iPlayer will only ever show it’s own created and licensed content therefore limiting its capabilities of being able to compete with the likes of Netflix and Amazon but that’s ok as it was never intended to. The TV Licence guarantees a sustainable income in a similar way to how Netflix and Amazon charge a subscription but conversely, the income from the TV licence money has to go a long way in covering the corporation’s costs right across the board more so than Amazon or Netflix who generate additional incomes. By the looks of their recent quality dramas, there is certainly no skimping on production values though at the BBC.