AirPods: Ushering in a Wireless Future

Ryan Christoffel for MacStories:

I really like these two real world use cases in Ryan’s take on the AirPods;

I’ve enjoyed using AirPods for phone calls so much that even if I’m not wearing them already when I get a call, I’ll answer on my iPhone, then stick an AirPod in one ear and continue the conversation that way. Audio instantly routes to the AirPod, and my hands are free.


I’ll be at work on my iPad while listening to podcasts or music on my iPhone using AirPods. When I come across a video I want to watch on the iPad, I simply take one AirPod out of my ear, pausing playback on my iPhone, and enjoy the video through the iPad Pro’s great speakers. Alternately, if I’m in an environment where speakers aren’t an option, I pull up Control Center on the iPad and select my AirPods as the source for routing audio. Without delving into Bluetooth settings at all, I can then watch the video while listening through AirPods. When the video’s finished, Control Center on my iPhone makes AirPods the playback source again.