Moving to Spotify from Apple Music

Bradley Chambers:

I was really excited about Beats1 in the beginning, but the novelty quickly wore off. It seemed like every time I turned it on, it was playing genres I didn’t like. There were times that Zane Lowe would interview artists I like, but I had no way of knowing. Why isn’t their a push notification when an artist I have saved is the focal point of a show?

And this:

I probably should have said this at the beginning, but this article is really just describing my experiences. You might certainly have a different one. I was really excited about the New Music Mix that launched with iOS 10. Spotify’s Discover Weekly mix is great. I have found at least ten artists who I now follow from it. I usually listen to it multiple times each week. While similar in idea, Apple’s version of this is boring to me. I hardly ever listened to it more than once. The suggestions were just okay. To make matters worse, I still had Christmas music in it in late January. I don’t know if Apple doesn’t have the amount of data Spotify has, or if it’s another issue, but something is off.

I too have recently switched to Spotify from Apple Music and definitely vouch for the superior Discover Weekly service which does do a far better job at suggesting songs and artists that match my taste more so than how Apple Music currently does.

I also enjoy the voice activated Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration with Spotify that is available rather than Apple Music and their not quite fully-baked attempt with Sonos.