Your’ vs. ‘My’

John Gruber in response to The Verge’s iPad replacing your laptop article:

Again, Apple is not trying to convince everyone to replace a traditional Mac or PC with an iPad. Apple executives say that the Mac has a bright and long future because they really do think the Mac has a bright and long future. Any review of the iPad and iOS 11 from the perspective of whether it can replace a MacBook for everyone is going to completely miss what is better about the iPad and why.

Spot on from John on this – The Verge seem like they are trying to create a comparison argument for which Apple have not alluded to. Consumers can ask the question whether they should buy a tablet or a laptop and that’s a fair point but only when it’s relevant. A more relevant and fairer piece might be on the differences between Apple’s Siri and their competitors A.I. devices and services.