Apple Product Releases Re-think

Dan Moren writing for Macworld – It’s time for Apple to take a new approach to product releases:

This adherence to a once-a-year revamp of Apple’s software platforms certainly seems difficult to sustain as it stands now. Perhaps it might help were the company to shift to an update schedule with smaller, but more frequent updates. Or maybe it simply needs to be more reasonable about not overpromising on features it can’t deliver on schedule. Either way it certainly feels like the company is biting off more than it can chew. And while that’s frustrating for users in the short term, I worry that in the longer term, it might point to Apple’s plate being overly full.

The last few months have been littered with security fixes and updates on the software side but hardware releases seem to have gone relatively smoothly when you factor in the iPhone 8 and X launches, meeting demand, new products like the iMac Pro and the positivity around that release. Where they seem to have fallen down is where they have announced a date for a particular product or service and they haven’t met that deadline, which the HomePod certainly falls into that category, iMessages in iCloud is another. Here’s hoping the in-the-works Mac Pro revision meets their 2018 target.